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A family is on their way to Niagra Falls for vacation. While dad talks about pickle barrels and people going over the water, mom looks frustrated and worried. She wants to get gas before they go the extra two and a half hours. Suddenly they get a flat.

There's no cell service and the boys push the car as far as possible. Dad aka Adam tries to flag a car. Mom freaks about hitch hiking. They walk to to a hotel and get lodging. Fifty nine dollars a night is stretching it.

Once they have the room, mom is a little less strained, but she left her wallet in the car.

Beth and Adam are arguing outside the room about what a big deal this vacation is for Beth and the kid. Mom says they shouldn't be spending the night there. Adam says he can't exactly barge into a mechanic's house and pull him off his couch now, can he?

While the parents are trying to sleep, their kid is crying with his knees to his face. Is it the nightmare again? He wants to go home. He's imagining what looks like a KKK member skulking through a hallway.

Mom pulls him into bed and sings Down in the Valley to him.

It's a stormy night. Dad returns to the room in the morning at 8:15. Julian is at the breakfast bar. He's getting them tea.

Beth cannot believe Adam left him there. Something isn't right with this family.

I don't know how long it takes most kids to get tea, but not so long that screwing against the door where Julian will return seconds later makes sense.

Julian returns to the sounds of sex. He kicks on the door. "It's me."

He has two cups of tea. It smells like licorice and kills them. I look all over Google and can't find a damn thing that kills with enough poison with the smell of licorice.

Mom is still humming about the valley as she starts to cough. Julian sits there silently. Adam starts to shake and quake in the shower, dramatically pulling down on the shower curtain, as all dying people do in entertainment. So entertaining!

The kid looks shocked that they're dying, or perhaps shocked that it's so ugly. Mom grabs at Julian, calling his name, convulsing violently on the floor. Julian stares, tears in his eyes.

Julian turns off the water in the shower, pulls dad across the bloody bathroom floor, cleans the vomit off his mom's mouth and the credits roll.

Welcome to The Sinner Part Deux!

A police officer and her dad are eating lunch. Heather and Jack Novak. They know everyone. She gets a call about a 10-35. Like me, her dad wonders, "What the hell's a 10-35?"

When the cops get inside, the parents have rocks on their eyes, and the bodies are covered up to the neck.

The woman goes out back and finds Julian hiding. He has peed his pants.

It's time to check in with Harry. It's his birthday. By the time Heather calls him, he's smashed.

She wants his help with the case. When she mentions coming up there, he thinks back to another time, boiling water, a woman with nasty hair, and burning curtains.

It must be Harry's worst nightmare.

Heather's mom died 15 years or so ago, and her funeral was the last time Harry was back in Keller. Heather didn't tell her captain she called Harry but that Harry offered to help on his own.

The father's name was Adam Lowery, and they haven't found the car or her ID as of yet.

It sure is the kind of case Harry might snuggled into, right into the fact Julian isn't talking.

When they get Julian to talk, Harry looks the kid up and down, seeing strange marks on his hand.

When Heather asks him about that morning, Julian recalls his mother reaching for him and convulsing.

Julian says his parents had to go back to the beginning. He begins to become a bit animalistic when Heather wants to understand, and given what I know about the show going forward, the poor kid seems to be under a spell.

At the foster home, someone is asking Julian what he did while he was outside. All he hears is a ball pounding against the wall. It's a metronome. A terrible bass sound. She's trying to get Julian to account for his actions when he was holding a stick.

Jack still sees Melanie and his grandson Ely. He's eating dinner with Jack and Heather.

Heather is gay, shares Jack. He says it's not getting in her way because she's a go-getter like her mom. LOL

The motel manager thought Julian was sick at the breakfast bar because he was carrying a bunch of tissues while making tea. He must have come through the back door. Jack finds Jimson weed. Sorry, the story doesn't hold weight and that annoys me. I found and considered that while doing my research and not enough was injested to kill let alone that quickly or with those symptoms. Le sigh.

Harry wonders why Julian wanted his parents to drink his special tea. Harry says he can help now before all the others come with much more nefarious purposes. Julian can't get it out. He says nothing more than "my mother" while imagining the KKK member skulking in the hallway and wants to go home.

Heather and Harry are then in DA's office talking about filing charges. Harry wants to wait on filing charges to get as much information as possible. He's going to be sticking around a little longer.

In the 1800s Keller was swarming with evangelicals. Joseph Smith even founded Mormonism there. That's why he left, I guess.

Back to the sound of that damned metronome and Carrie Coon talking about a shadow Julian and Julian. She's scary.

Harry remembers catching lightning bugs and calling to his mom and then the house burning down. Was she attached to evangelicals?

The couple's car was discovered in an orchard. Inside Beth's wallet? No ID.

Brick is going through the luggage as Heather and Harry go through the evidence left by the car. They weren't from Pennsylvania. They were coming from the north. Nothing is adding up, but Brick doesn't feel as into the case as the Hs.

Harry wonders where Julian's bag might be as there isn't a single thing inside those found that might belong to him.

Vera goes to the police station claiming to be his mother.

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

So you think he poisoned them and then he arranged the bodies this way?


Beth: You're such a bad father.
Adam: The worst.