Taking a Risk - The Sinner
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Mason continues heading to the house, weapon in hand. A car drives away. When he gets to the house, a loud noise takes him into a room with a dead man. The man has been shot in the back of the head. A baby cries from the other room. Mason calls 911, wipes down the phone and leaves.

He walks past a place he and Cora once tried to go tubing, never getting further than sunning themselves on the concrete, and tosses the gun.

The fat hooker is strangling Ambrose so he can get off while they screw. She strangles him to death momentarily.

Finally, something has shaken her up a bit. She reminds him he hasn't always paid her. Regardless, she's done. It's more than she signed on to do.

Ambrose is arguing with Farmer the minute he arrives on the scene. They have Mason on the scene.

After Ambrose rattles off why Farmer is barking up the wrong tree, she repeats what she heard and didn't – why Cora killed Frankie.

Phoebe is upset Cora isn't saving money to get them out of the house and to Florida. Cora is living for the first time, but offers to stay behind for Phoebe. She doesn't, though.

In fact, JD has Cora begging for sex and it's kind of difficult to watch, especially when JD calls Maddie in to the bed to sit down for a chat just moments after Cora was on the edge of orgasm.

Mason tells Farmer the truth.

Ambrose goes to his house to fertilize the dogwoods because it's not their fault. His wife demands he leave. He says he's always trying, and she knows he is, but it's not enough.

Cora Ambrose to take her to the location so she remembers it all.

She remembers JD talking her into leaving Phoebe behind and going with him.

Ambrose gets permission for two hours.

When they get to Beverwyck, they go directly into the basement, and it brings nothing. For some reason, they don't go into the rest of the house before leaving.

Oh God. Phoebe wants Cora to show her how JD touches her, and when she won't do that, to at least show her how she kisses her. Once that starts, Phoebe can't be stopped. Can this get any more screwed up?

Do these people not know how to use their words??

Ambrose takes Cora to her childhood home and then back to the Beverwyck where instead of looking for clues, she seems to take off.

Ambrose hunts her down and finds her in an adjacent building staring at an open doorway. That's it. It happened down there. As soon as she begins descending the stairs, she says she remembers now.

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Mason: Were you ever really happy...with me?
Cora: Yes. I was.
Mason: I don't know what to do.

Cora: You've given up.
Ambrose: No, I haven't. I've hit a wall, that's all.
Cora: With the case or with yourself?