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Farmer arrives at the club to take in Cora. Ambrose can't find the wallpaper.

Ambrose has a lot of leads, but most of them are dead now.

Part of Cora's torture was to get her to forget. The masked man wanted her to say she didn't remember, and then he shot her up.

Farmer got the DNA on the body. It was Phoebe.

Ambrose heads into an illegals medical clinic of some sort. Daniel Duffy walks in. He's shot. Probably dead if it's Ambrose's luck.

Farmer assures Ambrose his work was good despite the fact he didn't crack the case. He did, however, bust an opioid ring in the meantime.

Cora's mother visits her in prison and she finally tells her what happened to Phoebe.

Cora wonders why her mother never contacted the police, and her answer makes perfect sense. She thought they ran away. She overheard them plotting their move to Florida. Why would she call the police if that's what they wanted?

Cora gets the opportunity to talk in court during her sentencing.

Since she effectively waived her rights to a trial, she wasn't allowed to bring up a defense, but Cora did get in a few words before she was sentenced to 30 years.

This must be the case that Ambrose will never let go.

Mason has now decided that for his family, he'll continue visiting and bringing his child with him every Thursday.

Ambrose revists the clinic. The word "winter" on the wall makes him think about Maddie. He finds her with her child named "Winter."

And he'd like to know what she knows about the Beverwyck Club on that very particular night.

For some reason, Ambrose thinks it's exciting that JD started selling pills after that night.

I'm not sure what's happening, but some guy is freaked out and wants his lawyer. He should probably want his lawyer because Cora finds the wallpaper in his house.

In the past, Frankie calls his dad to the Beverwyck club to help with Phoebe and Cora. JD is an asshole, and when he threatens Frankie and his dad, his dad ridiculously takes JD's side.

Cora was right beside the grave when she saw Phoebe dumped into the grave.

When JD was getting ready to drive away, Dad considered smashing Cora in the head with a shovel.

Instead, he took her home. The next day, Frankie almost shit his pants. His mother sent him to the shower and off to California.

Thus began Cora's life of opioid addiction.

Ambrose says JD was blackmailing him all along. Cora forgives him the best she can by saying she knows he did it for his son. Dude begins to cry.

Ambrose shares with Cora. He connected with her because he was abused like her when he was young. He doesn't know what to do with the baggage, though, like she does.

She's in court again, and this time she has a defense. The judge reduces her sentence to manslaughter 1 and sentences her a psychiatric facility. She'll be reexamined every two years, and in the case she's determined to no longer be a danger to herself and others, released.

Cora wound up being like the daughter he never had. Still, Ambrose has a hard time trusting his emotions.

Before driving away from the courthouse, Ambrose looks at his wrist.

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm gonna find a witness who was there. Now we have motive. Now you have a defense.


Look, I'm sorry this Tennetti angle didn't work out. It was still good police work.