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When Lisa is offended by the new Malibu Stacey's anti-feminist slogans, she seeks out the creator, Stacey.  The ladies team up to make a new, more politically correct doll, "Lisa Lionheart."  Grampa, meanwhile, takes a job at Krusty Burger.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Lisa: You know, if we get through to just that one little girl, it'll all be worth it!
Stacy Lavelle: Yes. Particularly if that little girl happens to pay $46,000 for that doll.
Lisa: What?
Stacy Lavelle: Oh, nothing.

(At the toy store)
Lisa: I'm warning you, Mom, I may get a little crazy.
Marge: I understand. When I was your age--
Lisa: (attacking another girl) Hey, horseface, get your ugly paws off that summer fun set!