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Homer is on his way home from work on Christmas Eve and crashes in front of Moe's. He decides to go in and have a beer and as he prepares to leave to go home Moe guilt trips him into staying. 

Marge is upset when Homer comes home extremely late and tells him that she doesn't want him home on Christmas.  

Bart can't sleep and Lisa comes in to tell him she's worried about Marge crying and Homer being gone. Moe comes down the chimney and explains that he was the one that kept Homer from coming home. Marge is ready to forgive Homer but can't reach him because his phone is dead. 

Homer wanders the town after his car is towed and sees that everything is closed. He goes to the movie theater but all of the movies are depressing. He comes across Flanders who is clearly upset and buys an eyelash curler from him to be nice. 

Marge and the kids go to the Retirement Castle to ask Abe if he's seen Homer, but the seniors are all so excited to have visitors that they get stuck there. 

Marge finally finds Homer at a party and they make up and go home. The kids can't wait for them and open their presents without them while Homer and Marge snuggle. 

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 9 Quotes

Homer: Well good luck assembling all those toys without me!
Patty: We already did it!
Homer: Ah! The ghost of Marge future!

Lisa: Mom, where's dad?
Marge: I don't know.
Bart: Aw it's Christmas Eve man, we do not want to set a precedent for fat guys being late tonight!