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Homer ends up dying of a heart attack, but at his funeral, Professor Frink arrives with a Homer clone. Frink has many Homer clones, so even though Homer's bad health keeps killing him, he continues to return to his family for thirty years. Then, Frink runs out of clones; however, he is able to put Homer's brain into a flashdrive. Marge gets fed up with Homer's constant recklessness with his health and sends him to live with Bart.

In this future scenario, Bart is still divorced with two kids and is hung up on his ex-wfe. He stops by a place that offers to help him move on with the aid of a neural implant that shows him why he should get over Jenda by creating false memories. Once, he moves on, he learns that Lisa and Milhouse's marital problems were solved because Milhouse became a zombie and Homer's brain is placed in a upgraded robot body that Marge enjoys having around.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 18 Quotes

Homer: I am as healthy as a horse.
Marge: Horses only live thirty years.

Marge:You can live with your no good son.
Bart: Hey, what did I do?
Marge: Nothing for thirty years. You're perfect for each other.