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The newest member of Homer's bowling group the Pin Palls, Dan, works as an accountant for the Springfield mob. When Fat Tony is called away to jury duty, he puts Dan in charge of the group and orders him to cut expenses. After meeting with resistance from the other wise-guys, Dan tries tougher approach. Fat Tony then orders him to kill off members of the group to save money, and Dan is strangely excited by the idea but tries to resist the urge. Luckily, Homer helps him to curtail his bloodlust. Meanwhile, Lisa suffers from an iron deficiency, but can't stomach the iron supplements prescribed to her. She learns about a nifty trick of eating bugs to gain iron and tries it. Over time, Lisa struggles with the decision to eat bugs due to her strict vegetarianism and eventual gives it up.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 5 Quotes

Dan: How do you keep finding me?
Homer: You really should tweet less.
Dan: But everyone deserves to know what I'm thinking all the time.

We are bleeding red ink, which is the only thing we should not be bleeding.

Fat Tony