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After a traumatic experience at the Springfield Learning Zone, Homer feels some anxiety about the world around him. He falls under the sway of the leader of a doomsday day prep group and becomes obsessed with preparing for the end of the world. While watching a prep video, Homer causes an EMP at the nuclear plant, which shuts off all the electronics in Springfield. Believing the end of civilization is near, he takes the family to the preppers retreat. However, Marge convinces Homer to help the people of Springfield, and the family departs with some supplies for the citizens they believe are suffering. When they get to Springfield, the Simpsons are surprised to find out that life is back to normal and the electricity has returned.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 9 Quotes

I guess despite all our so-called civilization, anarchy lurks around every corner like a racially diverse street gang on a network cop show.


Bart: Dad, what would you do if you got my ear in the mail?
Homer: I don't know; feed it to the dog.
Bart: You'd have to wrap cheese around it.
Homer: Don't you tell me how to feed you to the dog!