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The Simpsons do a Christmas special and divide the adventures into four stories:

  • After not getting a dirt bike, Bart dreams that he rides the Polar Express to the North Pole where he climbs the corporate ladder in an attempt to get close enough to Santa (Krusty) to shoot him.
  • After hating Christmas trees, Lisa dreams that the family is in the World War II era.  Marge goes to War, leaving Homer and the kids behind.  Lisa's time she sees her mother is when they go to pick up a Christmas tree.  Hence her hatred.  Marge goes and kills Hitler a la Inglorious Basterds.
  • Wanting a perfect Christmas, Marge dreams that Martha Stewart comes and helps her prepare for the perfect, crazy Christmas.
  • The Simpsons all become muppets and Katy Perry guest stars as herself and sings a lovely Christmas song.  Weird.
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The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 8 Quotes

After NAFTA, a lot of these jobs went to the South Pole.


Lisa: You mean your gingerbread McMansion.
Homer: Show some respect, three gingerbread men died making that.