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Desperate to impress Mr. Burns, Smithers helps Moe convert his pub into the local gay bar to improve business. However, when Smithers learns Moe is pretending to be gay to help with business, he becomes infuriated.  He finally outs Moe for being straight when he tries to run for an elected position using their votes. 

Meanwhile, Principal Skinner uses Bart to get closer to the art teacher (Kristen Wiig) through her daugther, Melody (Alyson Hannigan).  Skinner starts dating the art teacher, but when Bart dumps Melody, she takes off with her daughter.  Skinner quits and comes along for the adventure, but comes back after things fail.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 11 Quotes

Smithers: They're fighting like Iran and Iraq!
Mr. Burns: What?
Smithers: Persia and Mesopotamia.

They think they're better than us because their performance review reflects it!