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The Simpsons Season 22

"The Ned-Liest Catch"

Flanders begins dating Mrs. Krabappel, but is concerned with her past history with the many men of Springfield.

"500 Keys"

The Simpsons discover a set of keys that can open any door in Springfield and soon discover a hidden classroom.

"Homer Scissorhands"

Homer discovers a hidden talent where he can give amazing haircuts and opens up a successful salon. Milhouse gains the affection of a popular fifth grader, Taffy (Kristen Schaal), making Lisa jealous.

"The Real Housewives of Fat Tony"

When Selma marries Fat Tony, Marge fears she's going to lose her sister to her new lifestyle. Meanwhile, Bart learns he can smell out truffles.

"The Great Simpsina"

Lisa becomes friends with an old magician and learns the secrets behind one of Houdini's greatest tricks.

"Love Is A Many Strangled Thing"

When Homer embarrasses Bart by making him wet himself on a jumbo tron, Homer is stuck seeing Dr. Zander (Paul Rudd) to improve as a parent.

"A Midsummer's Nice Dream"

Cheech and Chong (guest voicing themselves) go on tour and invite Homer along.

"The Scorpion's Tale"

Lisa discovers a flower that makes aggressive creatures get along; Grampa is forced to come live with The Simpsons.

"Angry Dad: The Movie"

When Bart's Internet short, Angry Dad, is turned into an award-winning movie, Homer takes all the credit.

"The Blue and the Gray"

Marge tries to stop dying her hair blue, while Homer tries to be Moe's wingman in "The Blue and the Gray."

"Homer The Father"

Homer tries to mimic the father of a 1980s sitcom he becomes obsessed with.

"Flaming Moe"

Smither helps Moe convert his pub into the local gay bar while Principal Skinner uses Bart to get closer to the art teacher (Kristen Wiig).

"Moms I'd Like To Forget"

Bart tries to figure out how he got a scar, leading Marge to rekindle things with an old group of friends.

"Donnie Fatso"

Jon Hamm lends his voice and likeness to this episode of The Simpsons. He appears on the classic sitcom

"The Fight Before Christmas"

Martha Stewart guest stars on this episode of The Simpsons. It's the show's Christmas special.

"How Munched is That Birdie in the Window"

Bart helps save an injured pigeon that Santa's Little Helper ends up eating.

"The Fool Monty"

Lisa stands up for Mr. Burns when Homer and the town tries to take advantage of his condition.

"Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life"

Lisa learns about family values when she learns what Marge did so Lisa could attend her dream school.

"Treehouse of Horror XXI"

The 21st Treehouse of Horror is divided into three stories: "War and Pieces," "Tweenlight" and "Master and Cadaver."


L.A. Angels manager Mike Scioscia gives Bart some sound advice on The Simpsons.


Lisa helps Nelson's bicycle company and seeks advice from Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and Mark Zuckerberg.

"Elementary School Musical"

Homer accompanies Krusty to accept his Nobel peace prize, while Lisa attends a performing arts camp.

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