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After judging local events in Springfield, Moe gets sent to Los Angeles to join the cast of American Idol judges.  However, after listening to some false advice by Simon Cowell, Moe loses the big gig.

Meanwhile, with Moe gone from the bar, Homer has nowhere to go and spends his time annoying Marge.  Marge attempts to get Homer into golf to distract him, but quickly stops him before it consumes his life.

Back at home, Lisa comforts Santa's Little Helper that is suffering from self confidence issues after Moe judged him in an ugly dog competition.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 23 Quotes

I don't need your fair-weather friendship... is what I'll be saying tomorrow morning.


Homer: You never fail to nauseate me boy.
Bart: Just call me Barf Simpson.
Homer: I wanted to, but your mother said kids might tease you.