The Royals Season 2

"The Serpent That Did Sting Thy Father's Life"

On The Royals Season 2 Episode 10, Jasper reveals shocking video evidence concerning who killed King Simon on the season finale.

"And Then It Started Like a Guilty Thing"

On The Royals Season 2 Episode 9, the monarchy's structure is challenged while questions continue to swirl about the king's killer.

"Be All My Sins Remembered"

On The Royals Season 2 Episode 8, the royal family's history is called into question and relationships will forever be changed amongst them all.

"Taint Not Thy Mind, Nor Let Thy Soul Contrive Against Thy Mother"

On The Royals Season 2 Episode 7, Prince Liam investigates Domino while Queen Helena and Princess Eleanor share some unexpected bonding time.

"Doubt Truth to Be a Liar"

On The Royals Season 2 Episode 6, things get out of hand when the twins have a birthday party at the palace and Queen Helena and Prince Liam look for answers.

"The Spirit That I Have Seen"

On The Royals Season 2 Episode 5, King Cyrus uses a public ceremony to solidify his image while Princess Eleanor's new relationship makes waves.

"What, Has This Thing Appear'd Again Tonight?"

On The Royals Season 2 Episosde 4, King Cyrus does whatever he can to eliminate King Simon's legacy while new clue in the king's murder is potentially revealed.

"Is Not This Something More Than Fantasy?"

On The Royals Season 2 Episode 3, Queen Helena meets a new rival while Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor both take trips that take unexpected turns.

"It Is Not, Nor Can It Come to Good"

Our favorite (fictional) royal family is back with all of the wisecracks, filthy one liners, and over the top scandals we came to love.

The Royals
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