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The man who killed Sgt. Grey’s partner 10-years-ago is up for parole. Officer Lopez and her T.O. were the first officers on the scene that day. The partner died in Lopez’s arms. It was her first shift. Both she and Grey are scheduled to speak at the parole hearing. 


During the ride, Grey learns that his partner had alcohol on his breath when he died. Lopez says her T.O. told her not to say anything about it at the time so she didn’t. Grey had made him go to rehab and thought he was okay, but apparently he had a relapse and Grey never knew.


At the parole hearing, Grey sees Russell, the man who murdered his partner. Russell is with his son when he calls out to Grey that he wants his son to know that he’s taken responsibility for his actions. That at the time of the shooting he was a heroin addict but now he’s clean and he hopes that some day he’ll have a second chance.


When Grey speaks to the parole board, he says that he can’t forgive Russell but he hopes that some day maybe he’ll deserve that second chance. Russell’s parole is denied. 


While Grey is away, he give Jackson the assignment of making sure every officer is up to code, a daunting task. When Jackson moves a file cabinet he finds a file from a year ago. It’s a vandalism case that was never assigned. Smitty tells him to drop the file back behind the cabinet but Jackson decides to follow up on the case. He runs the prints in the file and ends up solving a previously unsolved murder connected to the vandalism. 


Nolan’s identity has been stolen. Henry’s tuition fund has been taken and multiple credit cards have been opened in his name, dropping his credit score down to 320. If he doesn’t fix this he could lose his job because the LAPD will think he’s a bad risk. 


Nolan and Harper consult Det. Summerland in the Identity Theft Division. Due to the GPS in the Allenbach watch the thief bought, they manage to track down Jordan Neil. Jordan not only stole a cop’s identity but also a madman with a machete, Daxton Reed, who is now after him. 


Daxton chops off Jordan’s hand to get rid of the watch with the GPS tracker. Nolan and Harper arrive just in time to save Jordan. Jordan is grateful enough that he fills out an affidavit saying that he used the money from Henry’s college fund to buy some specialty comic books he’s keeping in a storage unit. That way, Nolan won’t have to wait for the court system to distribute what’s left of the money Jordan stole and he can sell the comic books and get his money back. 


Bradford is going to meet Rachel’s father, Colin for the first time. He was a cop in a small town. When Colin’s car is broken into, Lucy takes the call which isn’t the way Bradford hoped to meet him. Turns out that Colin wants Bradford to break up with Rachel. Colin has Huntington’s disease and Rachel may have it too but she’s refused to get tested because she doesn’t want to know. Colin thinks that because Bradford is committed to the job, he’ll never be able to take care of Rachel the way she may need one day.


Rachel tells Bradford that if he wants to break up with her, she’ll understand but he says it’s the last thing he wants. He does his job every day not knowing if he’ll make it home so in some way he might understand why she doesn’t get tested. The two seem happy together. 

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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

If we can’t obey every rule then how can we expect that from citizens?


Okay, you have a singular way of making me feel a thousand years old.