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Kadence Patton, a child with the Make a Wish -  Be a Cop for the Day organization, gets to arrest Nolan. 


Nolan hasn’t been feeling social as he tries to avoid Lucy, yet keeps checking her Instagram page and Ben pushes him to get out more.


Officers Bishop and Nolan are tasked with a VIP ride-a-long for Hollywood director, Rupert Payne. Payne wants to see some action but Capt. Andersen makes it clear he should be kept safe.


Although Payne finds most of the calls disappointing, he gets himself into the middle of a family dispute where a mentally ill young man, Tyson, holds a knife. Bishop and Nolan convince him to drop it and Tyson is brought to the hospital for evaluation. Later, Payne asks Nolan if he will get the help he needs. Nolan says that it’s doubtful because the family doesn’t have the means and the system is set up to deal with crisis, not prevent it. 


Payne invites Nolan to a party that night. At the party, Nolan ends up arresting another guest who slips drugs into a woman’s drink, but Payne thinks it only adds to the party. Payne laments that his Trading Fire series of movies haven’t made a difference in the world, but Nolan shares how he and his son have seen them together since the boy was 10-years-old and that means something to him. 


The next day, Payne approaches Tyson’s brother, Malcolm, to offer to pay for his treatment but things go badly. Malcolm and his friends try to rob Payne and he gets shot. 


That night, Ben invites Nolan to an art gallery opening but Nolan chooses to stay home and video chat with his son, Henry. They make plans for Henry to visit him in LA.


Officer Bradford’s wife, Isabel is arrested for possession of drugs with intent to distribute. When Tim talks to her, she promises she will go to rehab if he gets to her apartment and removes the kilo of heroin she’s holding for her boyfriend before the detectives find it. 


Tim goes to her apartment and finds the heroin but doesn’t take it. Officer Chen follows him and is relieved to find out he did the right thing. Isabel is furious as she’s now facing a 10 to 20-year prison term. 


Officers Lopez and West respond to a call and find a man with lots of stolen medical equipment. Hoping to boost her chances to make detective, Lopez gets him to give her the name of the man he bought the equipment from. She then gets the dealer to give her another name but in the end, the case falls apart.


Everyone involved in the thefts walks away and the original man whom they could have arrested is beaten up badly for ratting on the others. Lopez realizes she was more interested in her career advancement than in the people she was dealing with. West tells her if he can help her make detective he will because she helped him when he needed it.  

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Ben: So, just to be clear, since I left you three days ago, I flew to New York, went to a board meeting, two Broadway shows, a charity gala, and you haven’t moved.
Nolan: Moving is overrated.

Rupert: Oh, I’m so excited to be riding with the oldest rookie in the world.
Nolan: I wouldn’t say the world.
Rupert: Don’t sell yourself short, James.
Nolan: It’s John.