The River Season 1

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

Chaos reigns on the season finale of The River, as a member of the crew is killed.

"The Experiment"

This sounds rather foreboding: the cast of the Magus is stalked this week by a cannibalistic terror.


The crew make a startling discovery this week, while it's also run aground by another vessel.

"Doctor Emmet Cole"

The crew comes across Emmet's camera bag this week, which contains tape of powerful footage that reveals a lot about the doctor.

"A Better Man"

The Magus comes across one of Emmet's fellow crew members this week. Will he lead them to their target?

"Los Ciegos"

The crew of the Magus goes blind this week due to spores from a tree, everyone except AJ. He sets out to find a cure.


The spirit of Dr. Emmet Cole somehow enters Jahel's body on the second episode of The River.


Dr. Emmet Cole goes missing on the premiere of The River. But what happens six months later really gets his family talking.

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