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The hospital is having a party to schmooze and thank all of the donors. A woman wanders into the dinner and collapses. The doctors rush to take care of her. 

When they realize she's homeless, Bell wants her taken out of the room and he sanitizes his hands immediately. They take her away, but Bell wants her to be looked at and kicked out of the hospital. 

Nic realizes that she already was at another hospital and that they must have dumped her on the street. Nic and Conrad figure out a way to keep her on for more test to look after her.

They butt heads with Bell who wants her out. Mina recognizes the bag that the woman had as an expensive designer one. She finds the name in the purse they look it up and realize that the homeless woman is the daughter of the wealthy family. 

When Bell finds out, he wants her put in a special VIP room. They contact her parents who think she's schizophrenic. Conrad and NIc realize that she has a rare treatable disease that is not schizophrenia. the parents are thankful but worried that their daughter may not forgive them for having almost committed her.

Irving and Devon work on a male escort. Devon left dinner with his family and Priya to come in. He expresses concerns about the financial difference between him and Priya. He's ashamed of his father's low paying job in comparison.

His parents show up at the hospital and stay at the function. After talking to Channing, the male escort, Devon approaches his parents and expresses that he's proud of them. 

Micah returns to the hospital to get checked out. He has a crush on Mina. They get coffee together. 

The Resident
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The Resident Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

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Doctor: Is that why you were invited here, Dr. Okafor? To help persuade us?
Mina: I was invited here because I'm black.