Jim Marchese continues with his tirade against Bobby and the twins even as his wife Amber cries for him to stop. After calling out Bobby for having an affair, something Bobby denies, he then brings up the rumor about Rino having an affair with their mom. 

The next day, Dina asks Jim and Amber to leave. Jim is furious and Amber is upset because she's being kicked out for something her husband said.

Teresa leaves the Boca Raton house upset because she feels her friends have been gossiping behind her back but she later comes back with Rino and the party continues.

Everyone heads out on a yacht for the day and Bobby tries to match drinks with Joe Gorga but fails miserably when he later can't pull himself out of bed. Dina speculates that Bobby is only with Nicole because he likes to play with the cool kids.

Back in New Jersey, Teresa and Joe Giudice have a romantic dinner without the kids. 

Jacqueline Laurita shares with Kathy that most couples don't survive when their child has autism but that she and Chris are making the effort to make sure they aren't one of them. 

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