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Teresa’s daughter Gia wants to develop both her modeling and acting careers but the acting career will take some work. 

She works with a dialect coach in an attempt to rid herself of her New Jersey accent. 

This is a tough challenge for Gia and a confusing one for Teresa who isn’t sure what a New Jersey accent sounds like. 

Meanwhile Danielle is feeling threatened by text messages she received from Ashley, Jacqueline’s daughter. 

Jacqueline asks Ashley to cease all contact with Danielle but Ashley does not obey. 

Danielle threatens Ashley with legal action. 

Dina asks Danielle to meet her to talk and Danielle warily agrees. 

She asks her protector Danny to wait in the parking lot in case she needs his help. 

The women’s conversation becomes heated almost immediately. 

What will happen as they get angrier and angrier? 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey
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