Official Meeting - The Plot Against America
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In 1942, Herman's boss reassigns him to Danville, Kentucky, under the Homestead Act at the request of Bengelsdorf's Office of American Absorption. Alvin, because he's been labeled a communist, has a dead-end job at a pinball distributor. Herman knows he's being punished for his argument with Bengelsdorf, but Bess tells him not to apologize. Alvin explains to his boss that his pinball machines are being ripped off. Despite Bess's appeal, the rabbi won't cancel the relocation. Lionel tells her Herman is being moved because the FBI has been watching him ever since Alvin went overseas to fight. Philip visits the OAA office to appeal to Evelyn to send Selden's family instead. Bengelsdorf reports to Interior Department administrators about Jewish resistance to the Homestead Act. But Secretary Ford won't hear Lionel's concerns. Alvin falls  for his boss's daughter Minna. Selden's mother also get relocated to Danville. Herman and his coworkers plan to mount a court challenge against relocation. McCorkle threatens Herman about his transfer. Sandy admits to Bess Evelyn told him about the move. Bess wants Herman to step back from the spotlight. Herman's case gets rejected and an appeal will take a year. Shepsie's heading to Winnipeg. Philip oversees Sandy kissing a girl. Winchell comes out against Homestead 42. Herman takes a job with Monty's company. Selden and his mother head to Danville. A guilty Philip gives Selden his stamp collection. Lionel and Evelyn marry but the Levins don't attend. Sandy is angry they didn't move to Kentucky. Winchell got fired then announced he's running for President. Synagogue officials are concerned that Bengelsdorf's political views are driving away members. Nazi sympathesizers start a riot at a Winchell rally that Herman attends. Bess tells an injured Herman to stop the activism or she and the boys will move to Canada.

The Plot Against America
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The Plot Against America Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Do you think a life insurance company can stand up to Charles Lindbergh, the big man in the little plane?

Herman [to Bess]

Mac: Where'd you learn that?
Alvin: I'm from Jersey.