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Shauna put her past into Clark's brain and the latter realized that the patient had been raped and her mother knew about it. 

That's why she killed them both. We also learned that Clark and her shared a connection, and he struggled watching her be attacked. 

In the end, he stopped all of the testing on her. 

- Brad and Amy were in the facility, and Brad set out to get answers. However, he quickly realized there was more going on than meets the eye. He set out to find out the truth. 

Fanning showed up in his memories, determined to tell him to keep away from he mission. 

- Lila tried to change the public perception of Brad from the outside, even though the world thought he was dead. 

This put her in a difficult position when she went after the media, but Lacey showed up and said she will protect her as much as she possibly can. 

The Passage
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The Passage Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Shauna: What is this place?
Clark: You ok.
Shauna: This seemed like a good deal, but…

Shauna: Clark Richards ... still naming people Clark, huh?
Clark: I may be the last one.