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Amy agrees to help find Winston, so Brad goes along. 

They quickly realize that Lila needs to be found when she goes missing. Lila tries to save a woman who was infected, but the woman tries to kill her. 

The team shows up in time, but Amy sees Winston at a pumping station. They all make their way there, but it's filled with vampires. 

The moment Winston dies, all of the people he turned dies as well. 

Horace takes Amy and has Lila and Brad kidnapped. 

Shauna taunts Sykes about the past, and says that the vampires are going to kill everyone on Project NOAH. 

Sykes and Jonas agree to kill them, but realize that by burning them, it does the same to Amy and Elizabeth. 

Fanning tells Elizabeth that he is not the bad guy and that she should trust he's making the best of a bad situation. 

Amy realizes her book is missing and admits she want it or she's not helping. 

The Passage
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