The Office Season 9


In The Office series finale, employees both past and present gather for closing interviews and a wedding.


With the premiere of the documentary fast approaching, the staff prepares to attend on The Office.

"Livin the Dream"

Dwight finally earns his black belt in karate while Jim returns in the hopes of spending some quality time with Pam on The Office.

"Paper Airplane"

Andy gets help from a local talent agent (Roseanne Barr) while Jim and Pam use their new couples counseling skills on The Office.


When the elevators go out, the staff is forced to take the stairs while Nellie and Toby try to help Pam and Jim with their relationship issues on The Office.


Promos finally begin to air on TV for the documentary sending excitement through The Office.

"The Farm"

The story of Dwight's family beet farm and bed and breakfast is revealed to all on The Office.

"Moving On"

Andy returns from his boating expedition while Pam searches for a job in Philadelphia on The Office.

"Couples Discount"

The gang pairs up to try and get a couples discount at the mall on Valentine's Day. Erin tells Pete she plans to break up with Andy on The Office.


On The Office, when Pam's mural is vandalized, Dwight and Nellie are on the case to catch the culprit.

"Junior Salesman"

On The Office, Dwight pulls together a group of his cronies to find a candidate to fill in for Jim while Pam is left to worry over who her new desk mate will be.

"Customer Loyalty"

When Darryl considers heading over to Jim's new start up, Dwight does everything in his power to stop him on The Office.

"The Suit Warehouse"

Dwight and Clark pretend to be father and son as they try to land a sale and the entire staff embraces their new espresso machine on The Office.


Meredith takes the blame when Pam infects the office the lice and Dwight goes on the hunt to kill the tiny critters on The Office.

"Dwight Christmas"

On The Office, Dwight throws a Schrute German Christmas when the office holiday party turns out to be a bust.

"The Target"

Angela turns to Dwight for help when she learns the truth about Oscar while Pete builds a tower out of complaint cards on The Office.

"The Whale"

Everyone celebrates Movember as Jan returns to The Office.

"The Boat"

The staff harasses Dwight with crazy phone calls when he hosts a local radio show on The Office.

"Here Comes Treble"

Jim and Pam argue over his new job while Dwight believes a psycho is running rampant on Halloween on The Office.

"Work Bus"

When their building is declared unsafe, the staff boards a rented bus and hits the road. Jim tries to spread some cheer to Pam on The Office.

"Andy's Ancestry"

Andy gloats when he believes he is related to Michelle Obama and Nellie tries to convince Pam that Jim is having an affair on The Office.

"Roy's Wedding"

On The Office, Jim and Pam explore secrets from their past they attend Pam's ex-fiance, Roy's wedding.

"New Guys"

The Office kicks off its final season with "Workplace Bullying." This episode introduces us to a new employee at the company.

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