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The warehouse team won the lottery and then quit.  Darryl needs to hire new warehouse guys but he is too sad that he didn't win the lottery with his former co-workers.  In the meantime, Jim, Dwight, Kevin and Erin volunteer to help out in the warehouse.


Andy tries to pick up the slack for Darryl, but his efforts to hire new workers fails.  Darryl tells Andy to fire him or give him the manager position.  Andy gives Darryl an inspiring speech that gets the former warehouse worker to start trying harder.


Meanwhile, Dwight, Jim, Kevin and Erin do a terrible job in the warehouse.  They only seem to get a dozen boxes into the truck, when they were supposed to load 300.

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This was the worst episode of the office i've ever seen. I found this page because i goggled "the lotto was the worst episode of the office ever" and it brought me here. The office is one of my favorite shows on tv and i've seen almost every episode but this episode was like watching a different and substantially shittier show. I thought to google it because I wondered if the writing staff has changed. I'm thinking people might have left after Michael Scott did. I don't know, the other episodes this season have seemed pretty good. It's like they gave an intern a crack at writing an episode or something. I don't know but if they did I hope someone reads it so he never gets another shot. the writing was awkward, contrived and extremely lame.


I had really liked the first two episodes of the season, but this one was in my opinion one of the worst I've ever seen. The majority of the situations was so farfetched that I didn't buy any of it. All the warehouse staff quitting over one hundred thousand dollars each? How long are they gonna live with that, two years, maybe? It's not 1950.One hundred grand doesn't buy much nowadays, and yet they kept talking about all the things the warehouse guys were going to do with aaaalllll that money. Cmon... Then, the interview with prospective new employees...how idiotic can Andy be? Can't he behave like a normal person and conduct normal interviews? He's done interviews both as applicant (for the manager position) or as interviewer (when Dwight wanted to apply to Cornell). He can do it pretty well, but the authors made him act like a moron today. Finally, the plot with Jim, Dwight, Kevin and Erin was ridiculous. They spent the whole day and didn't load more than a dozen boxes to the truck. They have to be mentally challenged to not be able to load a truck with boxes. Who can believe that? If the client was so important, why didn't Phyllis ask Bob Vance for help? He certainly has warehouse workers and trucks, he could have helped. As I said, nothing was believable. This episode didn't hold any water. All the situations were impossible to believe. I hope they come back to the level of the previous episodes.

The Office Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Andy: We're losing cloud cover.
Kelly: Oh don't try to get in on it now, Michael Vick.
Darryl: Hey, hey...Vick did his time.

I'm gonna get in my car. When I start dying I will honk the horn three times. That means save the dog.