The Office Season 8

"Free Family Portrait Studio"

On The Office season finale, Dwight gives everyone free family portraits.

"Turf War"

On The Office, Jim and Dwight find themselves up against a rival salesman.


Andy adopts twelve disabled dogs when he crashes the Senator's fundraiser on The Office.

"Angry Andy"

Angry Andy feels his manhood is in danger after returning from his romantic journey on The Office.

"Welcome Party"

Robert forces the office to throw Nellie a party this week, but a sabotage is afoot.

"Get the Girl"

Andy does all he can to win back Erin on this episode of The Office.

"Last Day in Florida"

Andy learns of Erin's plans this week, while Dwight stares down professional disaster.

"Test the Store"

The Florida group puts its final touches on the new Sabre store this week, while Dwight continues to try and impress Nellie.

"After Hours"

Packer and Dwight compete for the Vice President position this week, each trying to impress Nellie.


Dwight arrives in Tallahassee with his team this week, while workers back in Scranton push for a raise.

"Special Project"

Pam returns from maternity leave this week, while Dwight is assigned a special task by Sabre's Florida headquarters.

"Jury Duty"

Dwight annoys Jill this week with questions about her jury duty, while Angela gives birth.

"Pool Party"

Robert ponders selling his house this week on The Office, while Erin flirts with Dwight at a pool party to try and make Andy jealous.


Oscar enters a trivia contest that gets Andy excited this week, while Dwight is off to land a new job.

"Christmas Wishes"

Andy sets out to grant everyone's Christmas wishes this week, while Robert California tries to drown his sorrows at the holiday party.

"Mrs. California"

Maura Tierney guest stars on this episode of The Office. She plays the wife of Robert California.


It's off to Gettysburg on The Office this week. Will the trip inspire the group? Andy hopes so.

"Pam's Replacement"

Pam gets ready to take a maternity break this week. She does so by training her replacement.


Dwight comes up with a way to limit employee mistakes this week. It's a "doomsday" system.


It's Halloween in Scranton. Read on for a rundown of the latest shenanigans in The Office.

"Garden Party"

It's off to Schrute Farms this week! We meet Andy's parents during a party there.


The warehouse team quits this week after winning the lottery. This has a domino effect on the branch.

"The Incentive"

The branch is challenged to double its sales this week. Elsewhere, Pam receives help with her pregnancy.

"The List"

Welcome on board, Robert California. James Spader makes his official debut on the season eight premiere.

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