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Pine is on an airplane with Roper who shows him a picture of the documents Pine sent to Angela. Roper says only two people have access to the documents, Langbourne and himself. He suspects it could also be Jed, Corky, or Pine.

The team arrive in Turkey for the arms sale. They take a ride through the villages to do some good to give reason to why they're in Turkey. They provide villagers with food and supplies. Roper gets his picture taken. It'll be good philanthropic PR. There's a line of taxis leading into the village for the western aid workers to get back to the airport.

They leave the and continue on their way to a military installment, aka, "the haven" where the deal is going to go down and where Pine must give a demonstration of what he's got to sell.

In London, Rex is called into the head lady's office. They're pulling him off his current duties and putting him in a royal secretary position.

After his meeting, he visits Angela to tell her the bad news. She tells him all about the deal going down in Turkey. She thinks the boss lady leaked the information to Drumgoole.

In Turkey, Pine is introduced to some of the military guys in Roper's command. He introduces Pine to everyone and asks for their help in getting him prepared for the evening presentation.

Pine tries to admonish one soldier for becoming a mercenary, but Roper cuts in and shuts Pine down.

Roper is still cranky and suspicious and tears into Langbourne when he wants to open some champagne to celebrate. Pine tells him that Roper has suspicions, but Langbourne laughs him off.

Pine is reading all of the weapons material. He's going to be dealing Sarin. Nice.

The team heads out to somewhere in the middle of the Turkish desert to meet with Mr. Barghati and the other buyers and to give a demonstration. Lots of things blow up. Barghati is impressed.

Pine starts writing down information from Barghati when no one's looking. The military takes off, weapons in tow.

Back in London, Burr and Senghal talk about whether or not Pine has been turned. Burr also shares that she thinks she's being followed. Steadman is being called back to the U.S. as well. His side of the operation has been shut down. He tells Angela to go home.

In a surprise move, Corky and Jed show up at the Haven. Frisky even makes mention of the act that Roper usually doesn't mix business with pleasure.

Roper is definitely on edge. Corky has apparently quit drinking. Jed and Pine can't stop googling each other. All in front of Corky. When Jed leaves, Corky warns Pine, again.

Angela heads home. She is visited by Dromgoole who warns her to stop doing what she's doing. 

In Turkey, Pine kills the lights in the compound. Roper comes into Jed's tent to let her know he's suspicious of her. He slaps her around a bit. She genuinely doesn't know anything, but before he can delve any further, Frisky interrupts to tell him that the malfunction was deliberate.

Pine goes into Jed's tent and tells her everything. Jed agrees to help him. She agrees to help set up Corky as the traitor. He leaves. Roper returns and Jed tells him she took a photo of the list and Corky saw it.

Pine cuts through the fence and runs to a taxi and hires the guy to deliver the note to the Burr's agents' hotel room in Istanbul.

When Pine returns to the compound, Corky is waiting for him. He knows what's going on. He and Pine fight and Pine kills Corky. When Roper shows up, Pine tells Roper he found Corky trying to escape and had no choice. Frisky and friends bury Corky and vow to keep it all quiet. Pine goes about his evening taking a shower to wash away the murder.

The cab driver arrives in Istanbul and delivers the note. The note gives the coordinates of where he's at and information about what's about to go down. He visits Rex and gives him the news, but Rex is packing up. She wants him to sign a document that will allow her to go to Steadman for help, The U.S. military will stop the arms convoy in its tracks. He signs it.

Angela calls Steadman and gives him the information. It looks like Roper's deal may be stopped before it reaches the Syrian border.

Back at the compound, Roper watches the tracking of the arms convoy. At the same time, Steadman and Burr are watching the same action via satellite in their respective locations.

Pine joins Roper to watch the fun. Roper is growing more and more suspicious. He brings Jed into the tent as well to watch the action. Pine is way to enthusiastic when greeting Jed when she comes in. Of course, Roper's suspicious.

The convoy continues to the border with everyone watching. The Americans stop the convoy, but find nothing but agricultural equipment. It was a ruse. The real trucks took a different route and made it across the border, much to Burr's annoyance as well as Steadman's. Pine screwed up. Steadman thinks Pine was playing both sides.

Jed asks about Corky. Roper tells her he had a stomach bug and had to fly home.

Angela is devastated that it didn't work out and trudges home. Her house has been turned upside down and her hubby beaten to a pulp.

In Turkey, Roper is driving balls into the Turkish sunrise. The team is heading out. In the car, Roper tells Pine exactly how he did it. He makes a call to Freddie Hamid to let him know that he and his associates are on their way.

The team heads to Cairo and end up staying at the very hotel Pine used to work at before all this mess started. He's come full circle. When they get to Roper's suite, he has a flashback about Sophie.





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The Night Manager Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Pine: It's unbelievable. He's got his own country.
Langbourne: Not just a country, old boy, this is a kingdom.

Anyone can betray anyone, Jonathan.