Secret Plans - The Night Manager Season 1 Episode 3
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Roper, Jed, and the gang at a party for Roper's associate Apostol's daughter Elena. Her father presents her with a beautiful necklace, but she doesn't look too thrilled.

Later, while the party is going on downstairs, a maid finds Elena dead in the bathroom. She's hanged herself.

The next morning everyone heads out. Jed is sad, but Roper is annoyed because the meeting that was scheduled now has to be rescheduled. Jed walks away from Roper, angry.

At Roper's mansion in Mallorca, Frisky escorts Pine to Roper's office loft. Langbourne is there. So is Danny. Danny thanks Pine for saving him, then his father sends him off. He wants to be alone with Pine. 

Roper starts to interrogate Pine, tells him Corky has bad vibes about him. Pine shares the information he found out about Pine with him. Pine is not thrilled. He plays it off well.  He asks why he's being interrogated, and tells Roper he wants to go home.

Roper tells him his passport was destroyed. Jed shows up. She invites Pine for a swim. Roper says okay, but before Pine leaves, he tells him he will basically torture and kill him if he steps out of line.

He's being given a cottage on the property. He's not being allowed to leave yet.

Corky gives him a tour of the grounds. Tells him the rules. Shows him where his cottage is and tells him he can just kill himself by walking into the sea.

Pine is stone-faced.

Angela and Joel Steadman are  across the inlet monitoring the mansion, but have yet to see Pine.

Pine is running in the sea. When he returns, he finds a pair of tennis shoes waiting for him. Roper wants him to join him for tennis. Later, he's by the pool. Jed is there. Corky warns him to keep his hands off Jed.

Pine visits Roper at breakfast. He wants to take Danny into town. Roper agrees. Angela is watching and following as well. Pine asks Danny lots of questions about his dad. He's doing this for Angela's benefit, who is standing right next to him at an ice cream stand.

Angela is excited about what she's learned.

He takes Danny to an inlet and learns about a secret room, and an alarm check that happens every day at 11.

In Madrid, Angela and Steadman are talking. Apparently Apostol wants to purge himself. Angela goes into a church to talk to him. She feeds information about Corcoran that Pine fed her. She suggests that Roper needs to change his right hand man.

On the beach Pine and Roper are talking about Corcoran. Pine asks him if he always drinks so much. At first Roper is offended that Pine would say that about his right hand man, but then Pine tells him that his father was killed because he had too much to drink and spilled secrets. It gets Roper thinking.

It's the day of the party/meeting.

Pine is watching everything. Langbourne and his wife pull up. It's obvious Sandy is having an affair with his nanny. Carol catches Pine's eye. She knows he knows what's going on. It's a look of shame. Apostol is at the party as well as many other players.

Pine goes up to Roper's bedroom. Jed is in there crying. She had been talking to someone, perhaps her son. She's embarrassed. He tells her the party has started. 

She puts on a face. Joins the party.

Roper is playing the magic cup game. Pine is watching everything. Roper knows Pine is watching.

Corcoran is drinking and being goofy. Apostol tells Langbourne that people are starting to get worried because of Corcoran and his antics. They feel he's not trustworthy. Langbourne goes to tell Roper the deal may be in jeopardy.  He tells Frisky to go down and make Corcoran stop fooling around.

Jed talks to Pine. She tells Roper they are going for a walk. Jed tells him he cannot tell anyone about her crying. Pine agrees. She strips naked and goes swimming.

Corcoran is smoking a cigarette on a veranda. He's thinking about what's going on and how he's screwing up. Pine is in bed thinking about Jed.

Rex is summoned to a meeting with Geoffrey Drumgoole, Galt, and the other intelligence officers from The River House who Burr and Steadman had gone to about the Limpit operation. Rex doesn't give anything up. When he leaves, Drumgoole follows and tries to bribe him. Rex walks away.

In Mallorca, Pine visits the pool and talks with Carol Langbourne. She tells him about her husband's affair, about him being held. She tells him that Langbourne tells her everything about what's going on with Roper's business. She also tells him that Roper doesn't tell Jed anything.

There's some angst going on in the Roper household. Danny wants to know if Pine knows where his dad is. Danny tells him that Jed's not talking to his dad. Pine takes him to bed and tucks him in. 

Pine lifted a phone, and sends a message to Angela.

Pine watches as Carol leaves. She's crazy, yelling at the husband. The nanny comes out and Carol goes off even more. Roper and Jed are watching too. Jed walks away from Roper after Carol leaves.

Pine meets with Corcoran. It seems everyone else is in Monaco, but Corcoran was left behind. He's going riding with Jed.

Pine brings flowers to Jed, but he really wants to get into the bedroom to get the key to the Citadel. No one is in their bedroom and he goes hunting, taking pictures along the way. He finds a pic of Jed's son. He also finds the Citadel key.

When the alarm goes off, he goes in. He takes pictures of everything. Then he finds a blonde hair. He leaves before the alarm goes off. Jed is on her way to her room. He pretends he is putting the flowers on the table for her when she questions why he is in their bedroom. Pine tells him he knows she was in the Citadel, shows her the hair, tells her to be careful, and leaves.

Corcoran comes upstairs, but Pine is gone. He's suspicious.

Roper meets with Galt, one of the officers from River House, who warns Roper that he needs to be more careful. Roper tells him that there is going to be a changing of the guard. 

Jed and Roper argue over the phone. He tells her he knows about her son. She hangs up on him.

Pine uploads pics to Angela.

Pine and Corcoran are in the courtyard when Frisky comes and tells Pine the chief wants to see him. Corcoran is not happy about the turn of events. 

Pine goes upstairs. Roper tells him he has his passport, but that he can't have it until he does something for him. He has a new name: Andrew Birch. Roper also wants him to sign documents that he is the new CEO of a company Roper owns. Pine is going to replace Corcoran. They shake on it.

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The Night Manager Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Married for six months. We can assume not a triumph.


Jed: She must've been in so much pain.
Roper: Yeah, well, she's caused a lot of other people pain too. We'll have to reschedule that meeting.