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The Newsroom Season 1

"The Greater Fool"

When Will encounters the wrath of Leona on the season finale of The Newsroom, will he keep his job? Jim and Maggie arrive at a crossroads.

"The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate"

A power outage causes some problems on The Newsroom this week, while the staffers prepare a mock debate for their actual Republican debate.

"The Blackout Part 1: Tragedy Porn"

Ratings drop for News Night on this episode, after the show downplays a few major stories. Elsewhere, Will considers an all-access profile.

On The Newsroom, on News Night's one year anniversary, the team scrambles to figure out the subject of a surprise announcement scheduled by the President of the United States.


On The Newsroom, Sloan's harsh treatment of a Japanese official during the nuclear crisis after an earthquake may have consequences. Will insomnia send Will to therapy?

The Wisconsin protests take center stage on this episode of The Newsroom, while Neal tracks down someone who can provide updates of the riots in Egypt.

"I'll Try To Fix You"

Will finds himself in many precarious dating situations on this week's episode of The Newsroom, while a national tragedy concludes the hour.

"The 112th Congress"

It's election night on The Newsroom. And Will decides to go on a crusade against the Tea Party.

"News Night 2.0"

MacKenzie really takes charge on this episode of The Newsroom, during which we meet financial reporter Sloan Sabbith.

"We Just Decided To"

We meet an anchor who is sick of playing to the middle on the premiere of The Newsroom. He aims to seek the truth in his broadcasts.

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