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Vera stands in Rose's hospital room preparing to smoother her with a pillow via The Man's instructions. A flashbacks shows the moment her son was taken from her. Just as Vera is about to smoother Rose, she wakes up. She says something in a broken language to The Man and he disappears. Erin and her daughter have taken Raul to the same hospital. Her healing powers heal his gunshot wound. Vera, Erin, Raul, Peter, Joshua, and Rose all end up on the hospital chapel where Rose calls them all the messengers.

Rose tells them all they are meant to stop the rapture from happening. They were chosen and given gifts. She tells Vera the meteor was actually the Devil being cast out of Heaven again. Vera is the most reluctant to believe out of everyone. Everyone gets separated again. Alan calls Vera and tells her they've been fired and that no one is telling him why. Joshua stops Vera before she can leave saying he had a vision about her son. 

Raul helps Erin get out of a jam with the police. Alice calls Peter and tells him to come home and speak to the police. He says he can't. After they hang up, it's revealed Alice was helping the police trace Peter's cell phone. Joshua brings Vera to a house he saw in a vision. Erin brings Raul to his brother's house. After Erin leaves, Raul sees the house has been trashed and finds his niece, Nadia, hiding. Raul's brother was taken. Joshua and Vera make their way to the race track but they just missed the veteran they need to find. Men with guns come into Raul's brother's house. A fight ensues, and Raul and Nadia run. 

The Devil plays chess with the veteran in the park. He figures out that the veteran will lead the messengers to someone more important. Alan calls Vera and tells her the crater they saw is gone. Vera sees the veteran and tries to stop him, but gets hit by a bus. Vera sees the Devil watching her. 

In the car, Raul can hear Nadia's thoughts. Something happened between him and her mom that caused a lot of problems in the family. The messengers all find their way to the same bar. Rose tells them all that they need to find and stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. She tells them one more angel is still to come. Vera still doesn't believe any of this until they all look in the mirror and see their wings. Joshua gets another vision. It's the Horseman of War. 

The Messengers
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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Rose: God is angry, so he's giving us a test.
Peter: I am so not down with that.

Hi, I'm an atheist.