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The group is still at the bar. Rose says they need to find the first horseman, but Raul needs to take care of his family first. In a flashback, we see Raul and his brother at a strip club. Raul flirts with his brother's wife. Upstairs, Raul and his brother are sold ut to the cops during a drug deal. In the present, Raul asks Erin to watch Nadia. Nadia brings them to an abandoned house. Vera is still being resistant to everything, but she knows the boy in the video was her son. As she leaves the bar, a mysterious man with a gun follows her. Alan shows up to Vera's hotel room. He brought the sample from the crash site. They have an appointment with an expert in planetary geology. The Devil pretends to be a DEA agent and meets with El Jefe and promises to lure Raul to a warehouse so El Jefe can kill both Raul and his brother.

Peter and Joshua ask Rose about all the languages she knows. Peter finds the statue from Joshua's vision online. It's located in Austin. Raul goes to a man's house named Clarke. In a flashback, we see that Clarke is the one who made Raul a federal agent in order to take down El Jefe. Back in the present, Raul mind reads Clarke who sold him out for $300,000 dollars. Clarke ends up getting Raul's gun and points it at his head. At the abandoned house, Erin finds a newspaper burning in the fireplace with a man on the cover. She realizes it might be the man from Joshua's vision.

Vera reveals she was once involved with Leo Travers in grad school. In a flashback we see that he is the father of Michael because she took a pregnancy test before meeting him for dinner. However, he breaks up with her. Back in the present, Leo is shocked to see Vera, but she's more shocked when she sees him in a wheelchair. Raul regains control of his gun. He tells Clarke he needs to help him clear his name. Erin calls Raul to tell him the first horseman is at a mosque in Houston. They need him to read the man's thoughts. Raul refuses to come. Raul is surprised by the Devil, still pretending to be a DEA agent, sitting in his car. He wants Raul to tell him everything about his new friends.

Erin and Rose investigate the Prime Minister from the vision. On his way out, Rose pots the Devil shaking his hand. While Alan tests the rock, Leo tells Vera he had Huntington's disease, and that's why he left her all those years ago. It's also hereditary so he didn't want to pass it on. While Alan inspects the rock, it influences a plant and makes it grow blue flowers. He shows Vera and Leo the report and the rock contains every known element and one unknown element. When they go back, the rock is gone. Vera chases the same man who was following her. He gets through a door and it closes before she can go through. However, she is able to put her hand and then her entire body through the door. The man gets away. When she walks through the door again, she sees herself on the ground with Alan trying to give her CPR. Neither Leo or Alan can hear or see her. She touches her body and wakes up.

At the funeral for the Ben, Rose sees the Devil shake hands with Senator Cindy Richards. At the warehouse, Raul finds his brother with a bomb strapped to him. His brother tells him to run. El Jefe sets off the bomb. Inside the burning building, Raul gets up and sees the Devil walking toward him. The guy who stole the rock brings it to a secret lab where scientists are trying to piece every part of the meteor back together. Rose believes they are in a race with the Devil to find the horseman. Alan drops Vera off at the bar. Rose knows Vera has discovered her power to spirit walk. Raul shows up and says he told the Devil everything about them. He goes to Nadia where she cries over her father. Back at the bar, everyone sits around outside when Peter hears a woman singing Amazing Grace. He finds a homeless woman. Once she finishes, the police show up and arrest him for murdering Sam.

The Messengers
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