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Two women walk out of a hospital talking about one of the women, Rose’s engagement. Rose feels faint and says she has a bad feeling. Suddenly, a man walks up with a gun talking about death and shoots her. 7 Years Later… In New Mexico, a radio astronomer named Vera is working with her associate, Alan, when they see a large object heading into Earth’s atmosphere. In Mexico, an undercover drug agent named Raul is about to be killed when his partners show up just in time. In Arizona, a young mother named Erin tells her daughter, Amy, to get in the car. She then gets a troubling phone call from a man named Ronnie. In Houston, Texas, a TV preacher named Joshua gets ready to take the stage after getting support from his pregnant wife, Charlotte. In Arkansas, a high school student named Peter talks with his friend Alice, who stands up for him against a bully named Sam. Vera and Alan watch the object as it hits nearby their location. Vera heads outside their van and is hit by a force field of some kind. She falls to the ground, dead. The same force the hits Raul in Mexico, Peter as he’s swimming in the school pool, Erin as she’s driving the car with her daughter inside, and Joshua while on camera. Alan finds Vera with no pulse. At the area of impact, there isn’t a meteor that crashed, but a man whose skin is scorched.

Vera wakes up seemingly fine, but Alan questions why she called him Michael when she woke up. Erin wakes up as an ambulance is taking her daughter away. Peter comes to while being given CPR. Raul wakes up and somehow hears the thoughts from one of his partners. He knows they plan on killing him. A shoot-out occurs, and Raul gets away, but was shot. Joshua wakes up and says he needs to make a broadcast. At the hospital, Erin’s ex-husband, Ronnie, shows up. He’s a police officer and says he’ll make the accident report say she was drinking. Peter’s counselor questions what happened in the pool because Peter once tried to commit suicide. It’s also revealed he lives in a group foster home. The man who crashed on Earth walks up, naked, to a mechanic on the side of the road. Vera and Alan drive by on their way to the crash site. When they pass by, the man has taken the mechanic’s clothes. Vera and Alan hear the radio saying the government is calling what happened a solar flare, which confuses them. Raul makes his way across the U.S. boarder while still hurt. When Vera and Alan arrive at the crash site, they realize it’s the same location as Trinity: the location where the first nuclear bomb was tested. As they investigate the crater, the military shows up. Joshua goes on the air and describes his experience dying and coming back to life. At a house party, Sam picks on Peter and a fight ensues. While crying over her badly hurt daughter, Erin’s tears land on Amy’s head wound. It miraculously heals. Joshua spouts on about God and how revelation has begun. Peter is able to fight back with extraordinary strength and accidently kills him. Erin sneaks Amy out of the hospital. In the mirror she appears to have spectral wings. When Peter looks at his reflection in the car window, he seems the same type of wings on his back.

The military tells Vera and Alan to go, but she knows the government is trying to hide something. Peter kisses Alice goodbye because he needs to leave town after killing Sam. Alan swiped a sample from the crash site for Vera. Joshua’s father doesn’t approve of what his son said. Joshua has the same wings. At home, Vera finds the mysterious man waiting for her. He doesn’t say who he is, but says she’s been chosen. He knows where her son, Michael, is. Someone had taken him and she thought he was dead. The man can see her wings, and says she needs to complete a job before he can tell her about her son. Joshua’s wife reveals the baby may not be his, but his father’s. Raul walks into a gas station bathroom to clean himself up. Inside the same gas station, Erin and Amy see Raul. After Raul sees his picture on the TV as a wanted suspect, he gets into Erin’s car and makes her give him a ride. The man tells Vera to kill a woman who he perceives as a threat. Raul needs to get to Houston, which is where Erin and Amy were going anyway. Peter gets a ride with a trucker who’s also heading toward Houston. Vera is then seen driving toward Houston as well. Joshua has a vision of the man and Rose lying unconscious in the Houston Memorial Hospital. Joshua goes to the hospital. Rose lies in bed as the man watches her. Last shot is of her fingers twitching. 

The Messengers
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The Messengers Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Alan: Yeah, but doesn't the location of Trinity feel like a little too convenient, no?
Vera: Like what? You think it was aimed like a weapon?
Alan: I mean, it's either another weapon's test or someone is trying to make a point.

Vera: Trinity?
Alan: So we're saying that a meteor just happened to land at the exact spot where the first nuclear bomb was tested?