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Jane and Lisbon are together as a couple but as it's only been two weeks since she broke up with Pike, she wants to keep the news from her colleagues for a little while. Still, Abbott seems to know as he gives Jane the heads up that Pike is in the building for another case.

Undercover FBI Agent Jeremy Geist is shot to death in the parking lot of a bowling alley. Before he dies, he tells his shooter, " I know you."

Agent Spakman is in charge of the case Agent Geist was working on. Military weapons are being stolen and sold to drug dealers. Jane quickly figures out that Tisch who works at the bowling alley is involved but Spakman is angry when Jane calls her out and she runs. Besides Jane's say so, they have no case against her. 

Jane doesn't believe that Tisch killed Geist, only that she helped sell the guns. With the help of new rookie agent Michelle Vega, Jane learns that at 12-years- old, Geist was there when his friend was kidnapped and heard the kidnapper.

Jane uses Tisch to lead him to the man who killed Geist. It's the bowling alley owner, Mason Huntston. When Geist started asking questions, Mason realized he had connected him to the kidnapping and killed him.

Pike runs into Jane. He knows that Jane and Lisbon are together and says that he was willing to offer her marriage and a life. What is Jane willing to offer? Later, after an awkward meeting with Pike, Lisbon asks Jane what they talked about and he tells her the truth. Jane says he doesn't know what he has to offer but that they know what feels right to them and that should be there guide. Lisbon happily agrees. 

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

It's possible I was a tad hasty but you got my ire up.


Lisbon: We should think about getting you a key to this place, don't you think?
Jane: That's a step. It would make things easier.