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-When reporter Cassie Flood's car drives off a cliff, a man stops and kills her instead of helping.  The CBI team investigates the stories she was working on.

-The trail leads to powerful Tommy Volker whose assistant Amanda talks to Lisbon but there isn't enough evidence to arrest him.

-Volker has Amanda killed then makes it look like a suicide, along with a suicide e-mail accusing Lisbon of pushing too hard.

-A Homeland Security agent, Bob Kirkman visits Lisbon and tells her to back off Volker and that he makes a lot of campaign contributions to very powerful people.

-Jane tracks Lorelei to a maximum security federal prison but can't figure out how to get to her.

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Bob Kirkland is Red John, no doubt.


Yes, the prison guard took Lorelei to the Fed prison and he obviously told Jane the whereabouts off camera. I'm not sure that Kirkland is really Homeland Security... he said this but then quickly flashed a badge at Lisbon. Could have easily been faked.


Question: When did Jane manage to track Lorelei?
Are we supposed to just know that the prison driver told Jane this?
Even then, Lisbon said this to Jane but Jane never said it was her he was after. Also, the Homeland Security angle might explain why RJ can walk around everyone without them noticing. If it's him.

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Tara: I don't want to speak ill of the dead.
Jane: They don't really care. They're dead.

I am prepared to punch you in the face all on my own.