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The Mentalist Season 5

"Red John's Rules"

Jane narrows down his list of Red John suspects to seven but will the cost of finding the serial killer be more devastating than he expected on the season finale of The Mentalist.

"Red and Itchy"

LaRoche goes to Jane for help when the Tupperware container he's kept hidden for nine years is stolen on The Mentalist.

"Red Velvet Cupcakes"

Wayne and Grace go undercover as a troubled couple in need of counseling when a woman who needed advice about her love life ends up dead on The Mentalist.

"Red Letter Day"

The team end up in the middle of a Wild West town when the owner turns up dead while Kirkland takes extreme measures to figure out how close Jane has gotten to finding Red John The Mentalist.

"Behind the Red Curtain"

The CBI investigates when an actor turns up dead before his big show and Jane is determined to get information about Red John from a man in a coma on The Mentalist.

"Red, White, and Blue"

Can Jane help restore a soldiers memory when he can't remember that he witnessed the murder of a female medic on The Mentalist?

"There Will Be Blood"

Jane has to confess his role in Lorelei Martins escape from prison when she returns determined to find out if Red John was involved in the death of her sister on The Mentalist.

"Red Lacquer Nail Polish"

The CBI must go through a long list of suspects when an heiress is found dead in an eerie old mansion on The Mentalist.

"Red in Tooth and Claw"

The academic world turns ruthless when the CBI team investigates a case that surrounds a graduate student at the natural history museum on The Mentalist.

"The Red Barn"

Lisbon gets an offer concerning her future and the team investigates a 25 year old case which may involve both Visualize and Red John on The Mentalist.

"Little Red Corvette"

Lisbon believes their latest case may be the key to bringing down her nemesis Tommy Volker while Jane searches for a missing boy on The Mentalist.

"Days of Wine and Roses"

On the return of The Mentalist, the CBI team heads to rehab to investigate the death of a young model who had checked in and will Lisbon finally get her revenge against Tommy Volker?

"Panama Red"

On The Mentalist, the team investigates the death of a botanist involved in selling medical marijuana. Cho's new role on the Rapid Response team brings him back into contact with Summer who has surprising news.

"Black Cherry"

When a real estate agent is killed, the CBI team suspects there are gang ties involved while Jane follows his new lead on Red John on The Mentalist.

"Red Sails in the Sunset"

On The Mentalist, Jane works out a plan with Bret Stiles to break Lorelei out of federal prison, hoping she will lead him to Red John.

"If It Bleeds, It Leads"

Did getting too close to a story send a reporter over a cliff and can Jane track down Lorelei on The Mentalist?

"Cherry Picked"

On The Mentalist, when a couple is kidnapped, the CBI team thinks it may be a case of mistaken identity. Jane continues his search for Lorelei.

"Red Dawn"

On the 100th episode of The Mentalist, it's Jane's first day at CBI and nothing goes smoothly.

"Blood Feud"

When Rigsby's father is found injured at a crime scene, the team must investigate whether this is part of a possible gang war on The Mentalist.

"Not One Red Cent"

Patrick Jane and the team look into the murder of a bank employee during a robbery and the CBI/FBI rivalry intensifies on The Mentalist.

"Devil's Cherry"

The CBI investigate the death of a diamond cutter and Jane meets a girl claiming to be his late daughter The Mentalist.

"The Crimson Ticket"

As The Mentalist returns for season five, Jane fights to question Lorelei as the CBI and FBI fight over who has custody.

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