The Magicians renew/cancel

The Magicians: Renewed for Season 5!

The Magicians: Renewed for Season 5!

The Magicians has landed an early renewal for Season 5 at Syfy, well ahead of its fourth season premiere. Get all the exciting details right here.
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The Magicians Quotes

Margo: Hey, who the fuck are you?
Plover: Cello squirrel daffodil.
Margo: OK.
Fen: Uh Margo, what are you doing?
Margo: Life lesson Fen: There’s always a point where you can decide that’s not my problem.
Plover: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Margo: We have friends to save, a Dark King to re-kill. Hang with Mad Libs pedophile all you want. I’m going back to double-tap the motherfucker like he’s Osama, and I’m Seal Team Bitch.

This dragon better be fucking cool.