After securing all seven keys, the Brakebills crew head to the end of the world, but there's more than one monster (and twist) awaiting them in The Magicians Season 3 Episode 13.

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The Brakebills crew gears up for the final leg of their quest, but as everything falls into place, a season’s worth of a narrative Jenga collapses. Julia is pulled away by a fellow god – Iris – who claims it is now Julia's time to move on. Leaving the team behind, Julia learns the fundamentals of what it means to be a "creator," though she isn’t quite into the expectations of being a higher power. She’s also distracted by her friends' calls for help, after Alice destroys the seven magical keys upon the group’s arrival to the Castle at the end of the World. After Quentin bargains his own freedom in exchange for getting inside the castle and releasing magic unto the world, Eliot turns the god-killing bullet on “the creature even the gods fear.” Thinking it’s dead, they return to use the seven keys to jump start magic, but Alice has other plans. Snorting fairy dust, she uses her powers to destroy the keys.

Julia arrives to save the day, binding Alice and using her own godly powers to create seven more. But just as magic begins flowing again, The Library’s henchmen, including Irene and Fogg, appear and use the sifine – powered by the magic of a now dead Fairy Queen’s dust – to capture it all. After handing all control of magic over to The Library, the Brakebills crew has their memories wiped and are placed back into the world of regular humans, where they are sitting ducks for the castle creature which seemingly escaped and is looking to “play.”

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On The Magicians Season 3 Episode 13, the groups attempts once and for all to get magic back when they figure out exactly what it is for which they are looking.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (29 Votes)
The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Josh: Great! So do we book tickets?
Quentin: It's not a real place. Hold on. So, Ogygi -- Ogygia or however you say it is an island in the fictional tale, The Odyssey. It's a clothing label, Eurovision band, a tech company, and a game --
Josh: Oh my god, I know them. I worship them. They're the Candy Collider people. I nearly spent $600 on level 593. It took me 12 straight days.
Quentin: There are prisons and then there are prisons.
Josh: Right? We're all just 24/7, like my post! Beep-boop. Selfie! Right? No one?

Quentin: So when Prometheus was looking to hide his back door --
Calypso: I had already designed the perfect place. A place full of monsters. A place where no one wants to look. He promised he would make his quest difficult, so no quester could get anywhere near my prison who couldn't ensure it remained secure. He channeled every atom of power into the keys.
Margo: So he like horcruxed himself.
Josh: Jesus, someone got hit hard by the martyr bug.
Calypso: All I can say is he believed in you. He said he saw a time to come when you would save us if you had magic.