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Quentin is narrating the episode, writing Fillory and Further Book Seven. They rescue Jane, and realize that they are actually in the books they read. Martin followed them into Fillory, and they ask Martin for help to find the Leo blade. Martin brings them to a knifemaker, who says he can make the blade, but it will take years. He agrees to make it if they give him a seat at royal court, since only people from Earth can rule Fillory. They see the Watcherwoman, who is a grown up Jane. Jane tells Quentin that there is a patch on Julia's memory, something beautiful to cover up something tragic. Jane transports them to their present time. 

They meet up with the rest of the students. They sees Martin's headstone. They visit the knifemaker's house and meet his apprentice. He gives them the Leo blade. He wants to be made future royalty by having one of them marry his daughter (Fen). The blade chooses the High King of Fillory, who turns out to be Eliiot. Eliot can never leave Fillory once he marries Fen. The apprentice gives them the blade, but only a master magician can handle it. Penny and Alice go to rescue Victoria from the dungeon. Quentin and Julia seek out Ember for more power. Ember is trapped and can't kill the Beast. Quentin volunteers to kill The Beast. Ember gives him his seed. Ember lifts Julia's memory patch, and she is distraught.

Penny and Alice succeed in rescuing Victoria, along with Plover. They all realize that Martin is The Beast. Martin learned about the Wellspring, the source of all magic. He drank from it every night, destroying everything human inside of him. Quentin wants to give the blade to Alice, so she drinks Ember's gift and can pick up the blade. Julia tells Quentin about her memory. They tried to summon a goddess, but instead summoned Reynard the trickster. Reynard takes Richard's body, kills everyone, and rapes Julia while Kady escapes. Julia calls Margo for help, and Margo erases her memory of the events. Julia is now determined to stop Reynard somehow.

They all go to the Wellspring, which looks just like Plover's writing room. The Beast appears. Alice tries to kill him, but doesn't have the knife. The Beast makes her bleed out, throws Eliot and Margo against the wall, and cuts off Penny's hands. Julia picks up the blade, having power because of Reynard. She wants to make a deal with the Beast. They disappear.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

I want to be the one. But it's the adult part of me, the part that really understands how magic works, that tells me it's you.


Julia: You okay?
Quentin: No, I just stabbed my own hand!