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- Alec and Jordan are possible allies.

- Sutton and Emma confront each other about Rebecca. Sutton denies knowing anything.

- Emma moves back in with the Mercers.

- Kristen files for divorce.

- Alec kisses Kristen.

- Ted kisses Rebecca.

- Emma regrets losing her virginity to Thayer because she still has feelings for Ethan. 

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I was kind of thrown off by how matter-of-fact Emma was about losing her virginity to Thayer - that set the tone right away for this being an episode of surprises. This episode really also sets up Theresa big time...I think she's stuck in the middle of a web of everything and hope it doesn't end bad for her, as I really like her character. Speaking of Theresa, one other note was that I really loved that song that plays when Theresa comes home with flowers and Ethan overhears her say she found them on Derek’s grave. I looked it up and found out it "Soon" by Peter Black it really reminded me kind of like the Arcade Fire or U2 but not as self-important if that makes any sense.


Im pretty sure kristen kissed alec. She finally did something that made her happy for once

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The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Emma: I really hope that you and Ethan can make things work.
Sutton: Why? So you can stop second guessing your feelings for Thayer?

I never thought one of the best heart to hearts would be with Ethan Whitehorse.

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