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The Lying Game Season 2

"To Lie For"

Emma asks Rebecca about her childhood while Ted tries to figure out how to reveal another secret to Kristin on The Lying Game.

"The Grave Truth"

On The Lying Game, the girls finally speak to Ted and exchange the truth.

"Bride and Go Seek"

Emma wonders whether or not she can trust Sutton while Theresa ends up missing on the day of her wedding on the winter finale of The Lying Game.

"Regrets Only"

Emma has doubts about Thayer on this week's episode of The Lying Game.

"Catch Her in the Lie"

Emma tries to reveal Rebecca's secret by pretending to be Sutton while Kristen discovers something upsetting on The Lying Game.

"Much Ado About Everything"

Laurel becomes concerned over Sutton's sudden personality changes and starts asking questions on The Lying Game.

"A Kiss Before Lying"

On The Lying Game, Emma learns that there was important information Sutton left out about her accident.

"Advantage Sutton"

On The Lying Game, Emma and Sutton compete in a tennis match where the winner gets to live as Sutton.

"Cheat, Play, Love"

Emma is shocked by a Rybak family revelation on this week's engaging episode of The Lying Game.

"The Revengers"

Alec is in jail on The Lying Game Season 2 premiere, yet he still manages to cause problems for Emma.

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