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The League Season 4

"The Curse of Shiva"

On The League's season finale, the championships come to a head, and Andre and Trixie discover the one flaw in their relationship.

"A Krampus Carol"

Ruxin hates Christmas, and recruits Taco to help ruin a mall Santa's Village, on The League.


Andre gets romantic with his interior decorator (Jayma Mays), and Rafi prepares for the apocalypse, on this episode of The League.

"Our Dinner With Andre"

On The League, Pete runs into an old crush, and Ruxin learns that getting Sofia pregnant may be harder than he anticipated.

"Bro-Lo El Cordero"

Andre takes advantage of Kevin on a trade, and Pete suspects that his grandpa (Robert Wagner) is faking his memory problems, on this week's The League.

"The Anchor Baby"

On The League, Ruxin thinks that his wife is ready to leave him, and Andre confronts the rest of the gang.

"The Vapora Sport"

Pete fights a man in a wheelchair for a pair of shoes, while Taco teaches a dog to smell sex, on this week's The League.

"The Tailgate"

On The League, Andre's tailgating plans are thwarted by the return of some high school bullies.

"Judge MacArthur"

On The League, Kevin tries to become a judge, and Ruxin's confidence is shaken after an IQ test.

"The Breastalyzer"

Jenny clashes with Kevin's mother, and Rafi takes Ruxin's son to swimming lessons, on The League.

"The Freeze Out"

Ruxin wrangles with a sushi chef, while Pete, Taco, and Rafi take a paintball game a little too far, on The League.

"The Hoodie"

Kevin and Jenny fight about whether their son should be circumcised, while Pete and Taco go after the same girl, on The League.

"Training Camp"

Jenny and Kevin's new baby arrives, and everyone goes to Dallas Cowboys training camp in The League Season 4 premiere.

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