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The group is discussing Melissa's good-bye note. They immediately head out to look for her.

Meanwhile Gail is still stuck in the elevator. She hears them honking as they head out to search for Melissa. She grabs her gun but the honking drowns out her gun shots.

They group isn't having any luck but Todd is determined to find Melissa.

Back in the elevator, Gail has wine and Gordon to keep her company.

Lewis and Erica are brainstorming on where they can search next as Tandy literally stalks around as T-Rex.

Carol is the only one's whose noticed that Gail is also missing.

More searching commences. Carol wants to search for Gail too but Todd shuts her down -- Melissa is priority.

Todd breaks down, he blames himself. Tandy tries to help by talking about what Melissa's been into lately - prison stuff. Suddenly Todd has an idea.

Carol asks Tandy to help her look for Gail; unfortunately, he's already promised to help Todd. Carol really feels like something is wrong. Todd doesn't and freaks out on her.

Tandy has an honest, heartfelt conversation with Carol who apologizes to Todd.

In the elevator, Gail forces the door open and is crushed with what she finds.

Carol, Tandy and Todd come across the prison bus and find something that leads them back to their parking lot.

They race back to the office and hear gun shots coming from one of the buildings.


The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Would a penis compliment make you feel better?

Tandy Miller

Carol: Has anyone seen my mom? She didn't sleep in her bed last night. She said she was going on vacation but she didn't pack a bag and none of her wines are gone.
Erica: Oh don't worry, Gail does that. She'll be back in a couple of days, reeking of booze but she'll be high on life... and some drugs.
Carol: That's such a relief.