The Honeymoon - Last Man on Earth
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Gail is determined to find a way out of the elevator. She traps a roomba and attaches a post it explaining where she is, only to watch it fall off seconds later,

The group is analyzing Melissa who doesn't remember the last week, baby Aldin, or that her and Todd broke up.

The group thinks she's a danger to herself and them but Todd just thinks she's exhausted and needs sleep. He tucks her in and then sleeps outside her door.

Carol is upset about Gail who she believes left just to get away from her. Tandy suggests they go on a honeymoon.

Lewis is practicing flying but keeps having trouble with the landing.

Todd wakes up and sees that Melissa is gone again.

Tandy recreates the campsite where he and Carol first met. Things get exciting when they go fishing.

Gail's situation goes from bad to worse when she freaks out and starts shooting her gun in the elevator.

Todd, Lewis and Erica find Melissa in a dangerous situation. Todd finally agrees to moves her in to a safe room. She gets upset and lashes out at Todd, who s already struggling with his emotions. 

Gail considers her options which are incredibly bleak. 

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

I don't want to hear that there's no magic in this world because you David Copperfielded me, bigly.


Carol Pilbasian: You can't force someone to be your family. Who does that?
Tandy: Hey Carol, the day you forced me to marry you was the best day of my life.