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The season 2 premiere of The L.A. Complex begins with a montage.  Connor is walking out of the house he burnt down, Nick and Abby are having fun in bed together, and Raquel is reeling from multiple positive pregnancy tests.  Also, will Kaldrick be able to make things right with Tariq after Kal's actions of last season?

Nick and Abby both have interesting career days.  First, Nick is called and offered an opportunity to potentially be a part of a late night show's writer's room.  Of course, there are problems that arise when Nick sees Sabrina, his ex-girlfriend in the same waiting room and realizes she is after the same position.  Plus, the comedian who hates him is in charge of the show.  Nick ends up putting on a good show and finds out he gets the job by the end of the episode.

Abby is excited about starting the movie she landed until her agent tells her it's postponed indefinitely.  He books her an audition for Saving Grace, a TV show that preaches morality and good Christian values, which Abby scoffs at.  The audition doesn't go very well, especially because Abby didn't dress conservatively for the audition, but before she left, she did have her say with the God-loving Donald, the executive producer of the series. 

Meanwhile, Connor goes straight to Raquel's place while she is in the middle of practicing breaking the news to the baby's father.  Connor can't be alone right now and the two spend the day together, wandering aimlessly around Los Angeles, only to find out they want to be back at the complex to drink.  Connor has enough drinks for both of them and drunkenly proposes marriage to Raquel, but quickly takes it back to propose a more standard girlfriend/boyfriend relationship which Raquel gladly accepts.

Two new characters are introduced in this episode as well: a brother and sister named Simon and Beth.  Simon, a young boy seizes on an opportunity that another child actor blows, taking the lead in a commercial that the two characters are watching film.  Soon, we find out that this pair of siblings needs success more than anyone else on the show, as they are living out of their car.

As far as Tariq and Kaldrick go, Kal wants to see him, but Tariq doesn't want to be found.  The first time they make contact in this episode is in a room with lawyers and producers present.  Kal's producer knows exactly what happened because there are video cameras at the studio and he makes sure to let Kal know that Tariq deserves whatever he wants.  But all Tariq wants is a ticket back to Canada and a few minutes alone with Kal.  Bruised and emotional, Tariq tells Kal never to speak to him again as Kal apologizes for his actions.  When Tariq leaves, both of them are in tears, which lead to the final moment of the episode, when Kaldrick is found on his bathroom floor by two women he brought home with him, with his wrists slit.



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I'd like to see the full episode w/Kal & Tariq so intensely interesting. To hurt someone you love,because of a struggle within one's self.Being ashamed of what others think is a lack to accept and love yourself.Kal loves Tariq no excuse to inflict pain and it's evident with Kal slashing his wrists.


Hello I live in United Kingdom wondering if the la complex series in on DVD to buy and also kal & tariq season 1/2. Thanks for your understanding . Regards Justin


kals love for traig is srong enough for traig to help him fight those demons in him in my head i dont want them back to gether but in my heart traig is the only one that can help kal fight every body deserves a second chance the chemestry between the two of them is to strong for them not to work it out some how then a gain this is tv traig may never completely trust kal again but he will always love him deep down in side but he will be afriad


season 2 eposide 2 was very touching it was hard to look at traig all beat up maybe the chemistry between the two of them is so strong it has to be away to win traig back you have to let kal feel he cant live with out traig let something happen that only traigs love can bring him back deep down in side i want them back together its one of the best love stories ive seen kal has to stay in the fight he is knoxed down down but not knoxed out so he call still fight traig is still in love with kal but then again this is tv it is what it is from peanut


cant wait to see the out come of kal and traig


l love the chemistry between kal and tarig i love them both but i cant see traig getting back with him unless this was a wake up call for kal and hes willing to change traig is to good of a man to derserve those beatings from kal its not that much love in the world and he will always live in fear but then again this tv


I love Kal and Tariq together they have great chemistry its thee best love story yet, so i hope they find their way back to each other.

The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Raquel: I hate nature.
Connor: You can't call this nature. There's a Coffee Bean like a hundred meters away.

Abby: Filipinos 4:13.
Donald: It's Philippians. Not Filipinos.