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Holder and his new partner discover a girl whose throat had been cut, finger broken, and ring stolen. He begins to connect the new case with similar to a case Linden had worked years ago.

Linden is no longer a cop and working for the ferry. Jack is living with his father and Regi has found someone to be with.

Holder seeks Linden's help and after much deliberation, she begins to search for her own clues.

The killer, Ray Seward, convicted of the similar crime Holder found, is on death row soon to be executed.

Linden finds her former partner, James Skinner, to ask some more questions about the past case.

Linden confronts Seward in prison asking what happened to his wife's ring. She questions if he is in fact guilty of the crime.

Bullet, a tough teen, goes in search of her friend her went missing. She is attacked and raped.

Linden takes the picture of the woods and follows it to the real location. She discovers a ton of body bags just lying in the murky water.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

You don't know me. I break things.


Serenity ... sounds like a stripper's name.