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On the season finale of The Killing…

Jamie reveals that he conspired with Michael Aames and Chief Jackson to sabotage Mayor Adams waterfront project. He promised them that when Richmond would win that he'd agree to building a casino on the waterfront.

As the three are leaving Jamie hears Rosie's phone go off. Struggling with her, he drops his keycard, and punches her.

Believing she is dead he drives off the island, but she jumps out of the car. He knocks her around some more in the woods and calls upon Michael Aames for help.

He tells Richmond to step up and get his hands dirty before raising an empty gun at Holder. Holder shoots and kills him.

Chief Jackson and Michael Aames despite questioning both walk.

Linden and Holder go to tell the Larsens about Rosie before realizing that Terry's car has a broken taillight much like the "taxi" that was seen leaving the lake.

Terry breaks down and explains she sent the car into the lake, killing Rosie. Aames wasn't going to leave his wife and help Jamie because of the Rosie debacle, so Terry chose to do it for him.

She didn't know Rosie was the one in the car.

Stan and Mitch learn what happened.

Richmond decides to leave Gwen behind and take Jamie's advice, uniting with Aames and Chief Jackson, to start off his newly won mayor seat.

The Larsen family receive a film Rosie made for her family.

Holder gets a call about another body but Linden decides to not take part. Holder tells her to give him a call sometime and Linden walks off.

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This series was fantastic. I think the second season was the best show on TV.
I loved the ending and the second person implicated was a big surprise. I hope that someday we can see the original Danish series with English subtitles that was shown in the UK and that a second case is made and then shown in the US. For those that did not know, the Danish actress that starred in the original role in Denmark had a cameo in this. Good job AMC.