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On this week's episode of The Killing…

Richmond has to learn to deal with his paralysis.

Mitch thinks she keeps seeing Rosie and sleeps with another man.

Holder attempts to deal with his drug using past while finding purpose with his present.

Linden discovers that the shoe store in which the Beau Soleil computer servers were kept has burned down and the computers are missing. She uses security cameras to learn that a man with the japanese tattoo (the one that was seen in Rosie's Super 8 video) was driving a Stan Larsen van around the time the building went up in flames.

Stan continues to cope with Rosie's loss and learns from Janek that Rosie wasn't dead but rather drowned in the back trunk of the car.

Linden goes to Holder and the two reunite.

Turns out Janek was presumably in charge of the Beau Soleil computers and he has all of the information on them deleted.

The Killing
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