The Hills Season 6

"All Good Things"

The Hills comes to an end tonight with the finale of its sixth and final season. How will the characters end their run on MTV?

"Loves Me Not"

The penultimate episode of The Hills features the gang returning from Costa Rica to the same old drama - but who will end up with who?

"Welcome to the Jungle"

Drama and the Costa Rica weather heat up as the sixth season of The Hills continues to bring our characters together ... and drive them apart.

"Make Up to Break Up"

Audrina Patridge breaks it off with Ryan Cabrera, while Kristin Cavallari causes drama at the club ... and at work.

"Between a Rocker and a Hard Place"

Brody Jenner's womanizing ways, Audrina Patridge's waffling and Kristin Cavallari's annoying speech patterns continue on The Hills.

"The Company You Keep"

The sixth season of The Hills limps toward the season finale and attempts to keep us interested. Will it succeed? Unlikely!

"Ghost From The Past"

Kristin has a hard time moving on from Brody. Audrina bumps in to Justin and starts to have doubts about her relationship with Ryan. Lo befriends Brody's new girlfriend.

"A New Bird"

Stephanie Pratt goes on a date and a lot of other boring stuff happens. This show is really not worth your time anymore.

"This is Goodbye"

The crew decides this is goodbye as far as Spencer and Heidi are concerned. No more dealing with those people AT ALL.

"Elephant in the Room"

Spencer Pratt goes insane. Brody Jenner pretends to care about Audrina Patridge to create a fake conflict with Kristin Cavallari.

"Rumor Has It"

Kristin wants to know who started drug rumors about her. Spencer cannot handle his family's drama.

"Put on a Happy Face"

Heidi's homecoming is ruined when her mother disapproves of her plastic surgery. Kristin and the girls head to Miami for Super Bowl weekend.

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