Aunt Lydia's Inspection - The Handmaid's Tale
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As members of The Waterford household with the addition of June, and Aunt Lydia arrive in D.C. they discover a territory far worse than what they've grown accustomed to in their region. The negotiations for the return of baby Nichole get underway with the involvement of the Swiss to act as a neutral party. Fred and Serena seem to make progress in their marriage, with Serena coming to an understanding, or perhaps, an acceptance. The introduction of Commander Winslow and his family in D.C. left us all with a little confusion. They are obviously a very prominent family, but seem to hold a few secrets as well. The environment in D.C. was a cruel climate compared to what we're used to, and was shocking enough to unnerve even the likes of Aunt Lydia, a feat I didn't think was possible.  We see the long awaited return of June's beloved, Nick, but their reunion is more than a little bittersweet. He didn't stay long, and he left a substantial amount of dissapointment in his departure. New information comes to light that makes us question if everything we thought we knew about Nick was false. Having had enough of Serena's indecisive attitude, June gets the opportunity to tell Serena exactly what she thinks of her.   

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

June: Good morning, Mrs. Waterford.
Serena: Good morning.
June: Serena. I know you don't want this. Please talk to me.
Serena: We can talk if you like. But you have to understand that seeing her changed everything for me.
June: I know.
Serena: Then what is there to talk about?
June: Because seeing her changed you. It changed you, it didn't change this place. She deserves better. Our girl deserves better. And I know that you know that.
Serena: They seem happy here.
June: Have you seen their handmaid?

Nice girl like you in a place like this.