Infidelity - The Handmaid's Tale
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Janine prepares to say goodbye to her baby and the entire group of handmaids as she goes to another posting. June worries about her, wondering whether she understands what's happening. Aunt Lydia suggests they allow Janine to be an example to her and all of the handmaids.

June tells one of the others she wants to help with Mayday. The reply? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Janine goes to Commander Daniel and Mrs. Monroe. She's Ofdaniel, now. Aunt Lydia sends her to be blessed like an open flower, but the concern shows on her face. Ann Dowd can only pretend she's horrid for so long.

Mrs. Putnam discovers the loss of Angela's birth mother has more of an affect on the baby than she expected.

But while she speaks ill of Janine, calling her a horrid, feral cat, Serena Joy reminds her she should be thankful.

June's shopping partner says Ofdaniel is so lucky. June is annoyed and doesn't hide it.

The other handmaid gives June a task. Yes, she can help with Mayday. Go back to Jezebels. Deliver a package and do it tonight. June's like, uh, WTF?

June lies in wait for the Commander to come to his office with a story of how much she enjoyed going to Jezebels. She loved dressing up for him, sneaking past the guards and what they did once they got there. Maybe they can go back sometime. He likes how eager she is and her plan works well. They're on for tonight.

June is thrown when she cannot go to the bar first for a drink like last time. Nick wants the Commander to look out for things since it was so last minute, they didn't have time to vet the guests.

Martha interrupts Serena Joy searching for the chamomile, but they wind up sharing a drink together to settle the soul. The mistake comes when Martha says she thought the Commander comes home and Serena Joy says he's in his study.

Serena Joy is still upset about Mrs. Putnam's complaints about Angela. Martha wonders why anyone would complain about such a miracle and shares about her son's death in the war.

Janine gets to know her new wife. They prepare for the ceremony together, Mrs. onroe admitting she's nervous, too.

Janine doesn't want to do it, cries, fidgets and says get the fuck off me!! She cries for Warren, asking where he is, claiming he's coming for her.

June and the Commander have sex, but when they're done, he has a surprise for her. It's Moira. He's arranged for them to visit. Relax, he says, I've done something nice for you.

June is angry at Moira for giving up, for pinky swearing they would find Hannah together. June wants Moira to keep her shit together and fight. Moira was doing alright until she saw her again.

June is in tears when the Commander comes out of the shower. He's glad the degenerate left. When he sees her crying, he tells her to pull herself together. They're leaving.

The Commander is caught red handed by Serena Joy when he gets home although she doesn't call him on it.

June dreams of Moira and her family. She is awoken suddenly by Serena Joy telling her to dress quickly. Aunt Lydia needs her to speak with Janine who is on the bridge with Angela, preparing to jump.

The onus is on June to save the child, and that means Warren and his cock have to move back. Fred steps in and tells him to give her a chance.

June is successful, and Janine hands over her baby to June before jumping off the bridge. Janine doesn't die, though and is being cared for in hospital by Aunt Lydia.

Warren Putnam is taken away in an Eye van. Serena Joy says hopefully he'll only receive an admonishment. Mrs. Putnam angrily wonders if she thinks she's responsible for what happened. And by the way, she can care for her own child and knows what happened with the first handmaid. Men don't change.

When June goes to get the groceries for the day, she gets a fine cut of meat for Commander Waterford and a package from the meat guy. There is a note inside from Moira.

Moira kills a client and makes her escape.

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Commander: Did you like that?
June: Yes.
Commander: Let me know next time. You don't have to be quiet here. You can be free.
June: I'll remember that. For the next time.

Offred: Aunt Lydia?
Aunt Lydia: Yes, what is it?
Offred: Does she seem alright, considering?
Aunt Lydia: She's tougher than you think. Let her be an example to you. To all of you!