A Secret Adventure - The Handmaid's Tale
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Despite learning that Luke is alive, June has gone back to Nick time after time on her own. She wants to know him so she can live on his image later. She wishes she had done it with Luke because he's fading. She wishes she was doing it as a fuck you to the patriarchy, but she's doing it because it feels good, and she doesn't want to be alone.

It's time to get to know Nick. Before it all happened, he was at the unemployment office, taking up time other men wanted for themselves. It was "Worthy Path" Career Counseling, but it wasn't that worthy for him. He gets into a fight and earns a cup of coffee with the counselor.

When the steelworks closed, he found himself trying to find work. It's not been easy, and he can't hold a job.

The counselor has decided society is what it is because of how horrible things have become. God isn't blessing themm with children because they don't deserve them anymore. Maybe Nick should join them at the Sons of Jacob. He's not alone.

June gets back to her room to find The Commander sitting on her bed. He has something exciting in store for her, but it requires him to shave her legs, first.

He then gives her a bag of makeup, asking her if she remembers how to put it on.

The kit requires he to make do with what's inside, using the lipstick as rouge, etc. Then he hands her a sparkly dress and heels. It's a special adventure, indeed.

At least Nick gets to see her all gussied up.

They're spending the night as Mr. and Mrs. Waterford. It's alright, he says, she's with him.

The Commander finds it exciting, scullying her past the checkpoints dressed as his wife, especially those where women are not allowed at all.

Nick flashes back to the moment three commanders conceived of the Handmaids and The Ceremony while in the backseat of his limo driving The Commander. It was disgusting.

Afterward, The Commander asked Nick's opinion on everything. Nick agreed it was better not to form attachments. For whom, Fred wondered. Everybody.

Fred scuttles June in through the back door. Contraband!

Inside are all the other Commanders and statesmen. Some are in handcuffs and chains, naked, standing around making a mockery of their red capes and wings. The Commander says, "It's like walking in the past, isn't it?"

The women are those who couldn't assimilate, sociologists, lawyers, women who could have a good conversation, from what Fred understands.

While waiting for her drink at the bar, June spots Moira across the room, her breasts protruding bralessly through her thin white shirt. Moira goes to the bathroom and the two meet. The first thing Moira does is apologize for leaving June at the train.

Moira is soon called back to the floor. She was just in the bathroom. Moira wants June to to find her in the dorm on the mezzanine level.

In the back room, Nick is trading pills for booze and women's supplies. Hair dye and such. He normally has a thing with her, but not tonight.

June returns from the rest room and the Commander takes her upstairs. Seeing it reminds him of the suicide of their previous Handmaid. Martha found her and was devastated. But was it that simple?

The accusation from Serena Joy to her husband certainly left room to believe otherwise.

June cries as the Commander runs his hands over her.

When he's asleep, she heads into the hallway. In the other rooms come screams of pain, strange whispers and men laughing. Depravaty knows no bounds in this strange new world. Multiple partners, man licking women's hands, and more is witnessed.

June finds Moira. Moira tried to get to the female underground, but never made it. When she was caught, she was given a choice between the colonies or Jezebels. The only way out is a black van, feet first. This is Gilead, no one gets out.

June says Luke got out, but Moira reminds her he isn't us and he isn't in here. They're alone and they have to take care of themselves.

Nick is in the Waterford residence to watch over The Commander. Commander Price wants to clean up Gilead and ensure Waterford doens't ruin another Handmaid. Whether it's ultimately for the Handmaids or the purpose of impregnation is unclear.

Based upon Nick's decision not to continue on with June, it appears to be the latter.

When Serena Joy gets home, The Commander says it was lonely there without her.

Nick and June have words in the kitchen. She can't believe he's cutting it off that easily, but he doesn't want to chance her hanging from the wall.

Serena Joy gets home from her mother's house with a gift for Offred. It's a jewelry box from her room growing up.

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

June: Where are we going?
The Commander: You don't want me to spoil the surprise, do you?

The Commander: Hi. How's my fair little one this evening?
June: Fine, thank you.
The Commander: Up for some excitement?